Technical assistance programme for community response

04 May 2020 in

To ensure that people affected by the three diseases play a meaningful role in Global Fund processes and that human rights and gender barriers are effectively addressed in grants, the GF has created the Community Response, Rights and Gender Technical Assistance Program - CRG. This program provides support to civil society and community-based organizations to assume a meaningful role in the Global Fund model, including in the following phases:

The MENA Region

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is made up of 23 countries, each with a unique demographic, cultural, religious and socio-economic profile.

Civil society organizations in the region are still fragile, and not recognized as a priority by donors and the international community.

The poor functioning or lack of organization of civil society in this sub-region is the result of less capacity for intervention, social stigmatization, and the non-recognition of these organizations by governments.


ITPC-MENA has received financial support from The Global Fund to host the regional coordination and communication platform for the MENA region until April 2020. It has been providing this function since 2015.

ITPC is a leading civil society network, campaigning for full and equitable access to treatment, care and prevention services for HIV / AIDS and hepatitis. The network is active in international, regional, national and local communities.