Under the leadership of the Coordinating Committee (CCM) made up of representatives from different sectors, regularly renewed and allowing the involvement and full participation of representatives of key populations in Morocco. Grant applications have always been prepared with a broad consensus. The culture of concertation through a permanent Country Dialogue process has been maintained despite a particularly restrictive context imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

List of PTF and presentation

04 May 2020 in

Expertise France – Initiative 5%

Led by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and implemented by Expertise France, the French international cooperation agency, the 5% Initiative aims to support beneficiary countries in the design, implementation and monitoring-evaluation of funding allocated by the Global Fund. It provides technical assistance upstream and downstream of allocations, when requested by local structures, and finances projects aiming at strengthening access to and implementation of its grants, improving health systems and supporting civil society actors.


About the Global Fund’s regional platform for MENA region

28 Apr 2020 in

Hosted by the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition MENA (ITPC MENA), the MENA Regional Platform is one of six platforms supported by the Global Fund. Its goal is to ensure the effective participation of civil society and communities in the development, implementation and monitoring of Global Fund programs at country and regional levels. The Global Fund's MENA platform is, in a nutshell, a space for dialogue and collective consultation for communities on human rights and gender.


The platform main functions