Technical assistance programme for community response CRG

To ensure that people affected by the three diseases play a meaningful role in Global Fund processes and that human rights and gender barriers are effectively addressed in grants, the GF has created the Community Response, Rights and Gender Technical Assistance Program - CRG. This program provides support to civil society and community-based organizations to assume a meaningful role in the Global Fund model, including in the following phases:

  • Country dialogue
  • Funding request preparation
  • Grant making process
  • Grants implementation

National civil society and community-based organizations can request technical assistance from the CRG in different of areas, such as:

  • Situation analysis and planning
  • Participation in dialogue with the country
  • The development of a program (see example below)
  • Monitoring the implementation of grants
  • Commitment to sustainability and development of a transition strategy

Few examples of technical assistance requests:

  • Assistance in the design, planning and implementation of a consultation process to identify the priorities of key populations for the development of the HIV-related funding proposal
  • Designing and budgeting community systems strengthening programs as part of the grant making process
  • Facilitation of the review of the funding application with youth organizations to identify gaps and propose appropriate interventions to be included
  • Support for proactive and peer-led community participation in support of civil society and communities for sustainability and transition planning

Are not included in the technical assistance programme on community responses, rights and gender:

  • Strengthening of Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs)
  • Long-term strengthening of civil society organizations capacity building
  • Drafting the funding application

Organizations may request technical assistance at any time during the grant cycle.

The regional platform for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) plays a key role in monitoring and coordinating CRG activities in the MENA region and facilitates the access of civil society organizations and community-based organizations to CRG technical assistance.


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