ITPC-MENA has received financial support from The Global Fund to host the regional coordination and communication platform for the MENA region until April 2020. It has been providing this function since 2015.

ITPC is a leading civil society network, campaigning for full and equitable access to treatment, care and prevention services for HIV / AIDS and hepatitis. The network is active in international, regional, national and local communities.

ITPC-MENA runs programmes designed to strengthen the knowledge of civil society organizations and community groups in the MENA region. These include   programmes to improve understanding technical assistance needs, and to strengthen advocacy capacity.


What role will ITPC-MENA play in this programme of The Global Fund?

 ITPC-MENA aims to strengthen the knowledge of civil society organizations and community groups, particularly those supported by The Global Fund.
It aims to improve understanding of technical assistance needs, and build their capacity.


What expertise does ITPC-MENA bring to this regional platform program?

ITPC-MENA has a broad network of partners.  These are shared with NGOs from civil society and community groups. It facilitates the dissemination of key information from all Global Fund-supported countries, making this accessible to communities. Of particular relevance are the directives issued by The Global Fund, and the exchange of good practice. All are available in three languages ​​(English, Arabic and French).

ITPC-MENA regularly organises different types of activities, facilitating NGOs to build their understanding and knowledge of processes related to The Global Fund. These include training, workshops, conferences, seminars, newletters, and social networks.

Regularly, ITPC-MENA sets up surveys to identify the expectations and needs of NGOs from civil society and community groups, especially key populations. Once the technical assistance needs have been identified, ITPC-MENA connects these NGOs with technical assistance providers.

ITPC-MENA is composed of a multidisciplinary team of experts with in-depth knowledge and understanding of issues related to the prevention and treatment of HIV, TB, and related diseases, including hepatitis and other STIs. It aims to address the many challenges specific to the MENA region.

Finally, ITPC-MENA works with other MENA coalitions, including institutional partners such as UNAIDS, RANAA and Menahra, MENA ROSA, M-Coalition, Menal, etc. As part of this programme, it works closely with The Global Fund and other regional platforms.