About the Global Fund’s regional platform for MENA region

28 Apr 2020 in

Hosted by the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition MENA (ITPC MENA), the MENA Regional Platform is one of six platforms supported by the Global Fund. Its goal is to ensure the effective participation of civil society and communities in the development, implementation and monitoring of Global Fund programs at country and regional levels. The Global Fund's MENA platform is, in a nutshell, a space for dialogue and collective consultation for communities on human rights and gender.


The platform main functions

The main objective of the Global Fund's MENA Regional Platform is to increase the knowledge of community groups and civil society in each country about the Global Fund. Also, this communication channel provides a link between the different technical initiatives undertaken in the region. The platform also serves to document the capacity development gaps of civil society and community groups in the region and to orient them toward technical assistance providers such as CRG. Finally, the platform aims at developing the strategic capacity of civil society to contribute to resources mobilization for health.


The platform areas of intervention

The Global Fund's MENA platform has three components: information, evaluation and translation. For example, it provides information on the supply of technical assistance and exchanges with technical assistance providers in order to coordinate and harmonize support. The platform is also a tool for assessing both the technical assistance needs of civil society and communities and the quality of technical assistance, not forgetting its role in monitoring the involvement of civil society. Finally, the MENA Platform disseminates the Global Fund's strategic documents in Arabic, French and English.

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